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"We finally have in hand the first hardcopy and tenth reference of the Modena label, Zymogen. We imagine that it is an important moment, as it is the first off-line excursion for the label and a greatly recognized requirement.

Should we say then: welcome to the real world Zymogen? The answer is, without doubt. Between being a concept album and an obvious representation of the activities of the label, this release has a real coherence. Glasshouse 01 is one of those rare compilations that shouldn't really be distinguished it by its individual participants. It is a collective body of work comprising excellent graphics by Sunisbetterthanmoney, beautiful and consistent imagery by Mario Aldovini, and a manner in which guests, Ibakusha, D'incise, Takeshi Nakamura, Lezrod are immersed in the label's ideology and resulting track-list.

Immersion? Yes. Filippo Aldovini has, it seems, a privileged a progressive tactic, which would not have been so easy to realize. So many of these artists compete in terms of excellence and diversity of their work. For example, Ibakusha surreptitiously takes us on board soundscapes where we sometimes perceive aural signals inviting us to backtrack - too late! D'incise offers us "un bouquet de fleurs fanées c'est si joli"...et tellement vrai (very true!). Nakamura continues with a "subtraction" hiding authenticity and beauty perhaps we ought to call it call it sub-abstraction.

Finally, Lezrod closes the door to the glasshouse in a back and forth flow of tearing sound layers and particles in search of skeletal form and harmony, with "xx". We rate it XXL."

Thierry Massard




General Info:

Sold Out.

Printed on 3'' cd-r, limited edition of 50.

01. Ibakusha - Baktun
02. D'incise - Un Bouquet de Fleurs Fanées c'est si Joli
03. Takeshi Nakamura - Subtraction
04. Lezrod - XX


© Ibakusha, D'incise, Takeshi Nakamura, Lezrod
© Zymogen

Cover Artwork:
© Mario Aldovini
© Sunisbetterthanmoney

This work (audio tracks, cover, text) is licensed under a creative commons license.