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Diatribes - Mémoires Disséquées/Dissected Memories

Diatribes is an improvisation project formed by two jazz musicians, drummer Cyril Bondi and saxophonist Gael Riondel, and D'Incise, an electronic producer focused on sound designing. The meeting of these musicians has created a hybrid between two different conceptions of experimentation in music; free jazz and manipulation of cold electronic sounds. This concept seems to be quite simple since you listen to it: digital noise added to nervous drumming improvisation, shrill sax matched with a flood of saturated frequencies, real-time sampling and effects manipulation over intricated instrumental patterns.
Definitely not simple. Five tracks that split your perception of sound in a "diatribe" between electronics and analogics where you'll find difficult to distinguish one from another in an active listening/perception and interpretation of music. This is what you'll find through this five brief, but intensive, excerpts taken from two different improvisation sessions. Furthermore at the end of the ep there's a remix made by the electronic mind of the project, D'incise, who immerses instrumental samples in a colder ambient mood to take the listener one step further in the wintry world of Diatribes.
Definitely not simple.




Track List:

  • 01. Dissection#1
  • 02. Dissection#2
  • 03. Dissection#3
  • 04. Dissection#4
  • 05. Dissection#5
  • 06. Dissections (Remixed by D'incise)


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Cover Artwork:
© D'incise
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Reviews for this release

let's talk about jazz, baby. since it lost it's revolutionary power around the early 70s, many different and related genres took up the impetus of improvisation and harmonic approximation. think of experimental ambient, krautrock, hiphop, in a spiritual way even punkrock. the strongest reincarnation of jazz (apart from cheesy hybrid-forms like jazzrock or acidjazz) maybe contemporary electronica. time for an identity parade.
the new italian netlabel zymogen brings together saxophonist gael riondel, drummer cyril bondi and electronic producer d'incise to jam along five superb freejazz-takes. the release features a destillate of two improviation-sessions and a remix by d'incise a.k.a. laurent peter (you might know him for his former collaboration with riondel and bondi on the eDogm-sampler released this spring).
i was expecting to hear some european-style freejazz power-jam, enriched with some breakbeats or techno-rhythms. far from it! thoughout the first five takes, digital and analog are very difficult to keep apart. peter is working with a lot of live-sampling, and many noises and random sounds are dubbed though his computer the way you can't tell where they emerge from. the digital manipulations fit very organic into riondel's melodic phrasing, and bondi at the battery (very natural sound) chooses to suggest rhythms, falls into powerful soli or uses his instrument as a source of sounds.
but most noticeable is the amount of melody, riondel injects the improvisations. there's much more ornette coleman and albert ayler in dissection#5 than peter brötzmann and borah bergman. in concert with the 'cold' electronics peter splashes out, this release will broaden your horizon - if you're ready for it.
Rubored / 14 Nov 2005

Kaum ist die erste Release des neuen italienischen Labels da, kommt auch die n?§chste. Dieses Mal aber komplett anders: Diese Kollaboration vom Jazz-Drummer Cyril Bondi, den Saxophonisten Gael Riondel und den f?ºr den elektronischen Touch zust?§ndigen D`lncise , zusammen Diatribes, haben auf dieser 6-Track-EP versucht, typische Jazz-Elemente und kalte, elektronische Sounds zu kombinieren.
?àt vi??la! Improvisierte Drumger?ºste, live eingespielt, und digitale Atmossph?§ren, synthetisiert, und das Saxophon, sporadisch eingespielt, bilden zusammen Soundkollagen, die einerseits das Feeling einer echten Jam r?ºberbringen und andererseits den experimentellen Aspekt voll ausnutzen.
Quenok / 26 Oct 2005

Diatribes é um projecto novo de jazz meets electronica, acabado de estrear pela dupla de improvisadores suíços com raízes na tradição do jazz, Cyril Bondi, bateria, e Gael Riondel, saxofones. A eles somou-se D’Incise, produtor e designer sonoro da área da electrónica, que, tal como os outros dois, trabalha habitualmente em Genebra.
Mémoires Disséquées/Dissected Memories, o EP, é o segundo lançamento da recém-formada netlabel italiana Zymogen, que pretende dar a conhecer novas concepções musicais no campo da electroacústica improvisada, produzindo e distribuindo música à escala global através da internet.
A música do trio Diatribes apresenta interessantes fracturas sonoras e uma propensão natural para gerar atmosferas melancólicas, que se transmutam em episódios de momentânea euforia e explosão. Efeito bipolar acentuado pela incisiva crepitação electrónica, que polvilha o ambiente com sucessivas doses de ruído digital. Cinco composições de jazztronica free impregnadas de sinais urbanos, tocadas com precisão e total liberdade criativa.
Jazz e Arredores / 16 Oct 2005