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Takeshi Nakamura - Miscellaneous Goods

After one year of silence Takeshi Nakamura, one of our top contributors, returns with a brand new album, again taking us to the fringes of electronic music.
"Miscellaneous Goods" is a ten track album where Nakamura draws on new inspiration, binding abstract elements to form compositions that cross the thin line standing between sound and noise.

Each track from this album has a cerebral birthplace, emerging as abstract figures which Takeshi has tried to fix into such titles as, Gap, Collapse, Degeneration, Dining Table, Array. The sound must be contemplated and explored, like standing in front of a carved monolith of vibrations.

Contemplation is the keyword for approaching Takeshi's music, like having a passive aural experience but standing in the fields of the audible, of music.
Just like the great sound artists, such as Ryoji Ikeda or Autechre are still doing, Takeshi Nakamura succeeds in translating personal feelings into pure digital data.
However, the feelings translated in this album are at times troublesome and oppressive.
Here you won't find lovely melodies, solar soundscapes, nor easy beats. Nakamura's inspiration stands somewhere else and that's why Miscellaneous Goods is tough, complex, and needs time in order to be fully understood.




Track List:

  • 01. Collapse
  • 02. Degeneration
  • 03. Midwinter,Midnight
  • 04. Object
  • 05. Maggot
  • 06. Reality Distortion Field
  • 07. Dream Of Not Waking Up
  • 08. Dining Table
  • 09. Gap
  • 10. Array


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© Takeshi Nakamura
© Zymogen

Cover Artwork:
© Laurent Batailley
© Zymogen

This work (audio tracks, cover, text) is licensed under a creative commons license.



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d'après vous, à quoi ressemble un tel aboutissement ?
Takeshi Nakamura atteint si élégamment une absolue quintessence
you must absolutely go up the history, before

i was really fan of "ordinary days"...
no comment / 24 May 2007