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Zymogen nominations at Qwartz Awards

28 Oct 2006

Yesterday the nominations of the 3rd Qwartz Electronic Music Awards were unveiled, and we're really proud to announce that three zymogen artists have been nominated for three different categories: Fripees by Ibakusha as Qwartz Track, Retorno a la Nada by Lezrod as Qwartz Research and Toys by Songraphie as Qwartz Discovery.
These nominations are awarded by the public so let's go to Qwartz site and vote for zymogen artists.
We need your support!

zgl01 Glasshouse#01

18 Oct 2006

"We finally have in hand the first hardcopy and tenth reference of the Modena label, Zymogen. We imagine that it is an important moment, as it is the first off-line excursion for the label and a greatly recognized requirement.
Should we say then: welcome to the real world Zymogen? The answer is, without doubt. Between being a concept album and an obvious representation of the activities of the label, this release has a real coherence. Glasshouse 01 is one of those rare compilations that shouldn�t really be distinguished it by its individual participants. It is a collective body of work comprising excellent graphics by Sunisbetterthanmoney, beautiful and consistent imagery by Mario Aldovini, and the manner in which guests, Ibakusha, D'incise, Takeshi Nakamura, Lezrod have been immersed in the label ideology and resulting track-list."

Thierry Massard

Glasshouse, Version 1.2 and...thank you!

17 Oct 2006

Finally we come up with some important news; the release of the first issue of Glasshouse series is out on a 3'' cd-r to give you a concrete flavour of zymogen music through 4 exclusive tracks from our most representative artists; Ibakusha, D'incise, Takeshi Nakamura and Lezrod. Come and buy it from our shiny store or download the mp3s for a preview.

The store is part of the update to version 1.2 of the site wich includes various improvements on usability, java tricks for your visual pleasure, expansion of the artists section and other details we're fixing right now...let's take a look around!

...and at last i'd like to say thank you for the support and for keeping listening to zymogen music.
This first year of activity is dedicated to you.

Zymogen Multilinked!

03 Oct 2006

The brand new issue of Multilink Magazine is out!
As always it offers excellent articles on different projects from all over the world: Serein Netlabel, the amazing work of photographer Branislav Kropilak, Saag records and many other including Zymogen.
Take some time for it...while we're fixing last details of our forthcoming releases.

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