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zym010/Muhr - Drames Et Precipices

15 Nov 2006

We're really honoured to introduce you to the new work of Vincent Fugère, aka Muhr.
After various collaborations with labels such as Serein, Miasmah and Aerotone, the Canadian musician from Montreal gives us this little jewel called "Drames et Précipices", which redefines his sonical horizons.
The ones who are familiar with Muhr music will be surprised listening to these new materials originally composed for a low budget movie and slowly changed to a sort of "spiritual soundtrack".
The atmosphere evocated in this music vibrates in these melancholic and dark minutes lighted by disarming melodies and guitar echoes; as during a film you'll hear long moments of silence slowly turn to sullen pads or lonely piano melodies ("Souffle") which clearly leave space for a visual component.
"Du Temps Des Héros" introduces with harsh sparkles of white noise the most intense and emotive song of the entire ep, "De La Gouache Dans Le Ciel", an emotional composition with an old piano drawing a melancholic background over a hypnotic rhythm; the following compositions are brief fragments of unusual evocative power. From the resonant sadness of "The Heroes Are Dead" to the mysterious sub drone of "Le Gouffre En Nous", from the emotive instability of "Souffle" to the gloomy synths of "Une Cage Dans La Rétine", Muhr's music gives space to your imagination, but the final scene is already written, a "Siestes Tragiques". In this conclusive track a guitar lost in the boundless cold of reverbs and far echoes improvises over bleeps and granular effects...as "the end" is showing on your imaginary film.

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