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Version 1.1

29 Dec 2005

After a day full of work we're back online with the new version of zymogen.net fully powered by our new provider Media Temple.
As you can see there're some improvements in the site structure:

-Column on the left to show up the latest releases of zymogen.

-Homepage reorganized with an archive for the past news.

-Release section radically changed with a special division for the reviews, specifications about copyright licences, links to the podcasts of every single release (more details soon).

-RSS feed to be updated with us immediately.

Hope you enjoy our work.
We wish you the best for your 2006.

zymogen.net crew

Work in progress

28 Dec 2005

Just telling you that during this week, we don't know exactly when, zymogen.net will be down to allow the transfer to our new provider.
Important changes when we'll return online.

zym004/Ibakusha - Novctzember

16 Dec 2005

With this release we're very glad to introduce Ibakusha and his music.
During these years Manuel has developed an articulate style of composition through many different types of inspiration, but the most significant influence is, without any doubt, the sound of labels like Merck, Skam or n5MD...somebody calls it idm, but this genre is definitely too tight for Ibakusha's music.
He finally collects these six tracks into "Novctzember", his debut, an album full of inspired songs, warm melodies, deep pads and nice beats, plus some "disturbing" elements. Those "disturbing" elements give his music something really special, something you don't expect; the lofi guitar riff in "taxifolia", the intense cello during "Fripées" or the exploding rhythm on "Asperité", all essential components of the entire ep. Novctzember will bring you through an intense listening of very distant music atmospheres, from the gentle harshness of "Asperité" to the dilated "46.67", the emotional intensity of "Fripées" designed by the cello and "Taxifolia" assembled with a freaky guitar and an ultra compressed beat that will make your subs tremble unique!
The last two tracks are the resume of the entire disc "Souffle Buée" has an old school idmish strucure floating over ambient pads, and "Chlorophylle rouge", one of the best songs of the ep, takes you to a gentle end.
Manuel manages perfectly the intensity of his music with particoular structures where the song acme hangs on for a moment and then is released, creating a sort of perpetual climax.

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