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2009, an update

18 Feb 2009

2009 will be a very important year for Zymogen. Following a short break in late 2008 / early 2009 the label will return, publishing works by Nicola Ratti, Alexandre Navarro and Oskar Hallbert.
In the next few days the shop section will close down and re-open later this spring with new goodies designed by Aurora Biancardi, as well as a new hardcopy release in the glasshouse series.
We have also joined the Facebook network by creating a group and an official page...feel free to join and support the project.

The recent hiatus is due to a number of things: namely, Zymogen label head, Filippo Aldovini, has established a monthly residence at Mattatoio club in Modena called Bricolages, featuring some of the most interesting brand new names in the experimental-electronic scene. Next gigs will be on March 6th with Greg Haines from Miasmah records, followed by our friend Marihiko Hara on April 3rd, who will be presenting his pop-oriented project Rimacona directly from Kyoto, Japan.

Filippo has also teamed up with Sven Swift from 12rec. creating a brand new label called Error Broadcast.
The new project aim is to research new expressions in the field of experimental hip hop and, even though it won't be connected with zymogen musically speaking, it will be moved by the same passion for innovative music.
Different sound, same attitude.

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