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22 Apr 2007

Following selection for the Qwartz Label Award, our foremost intention was to create something special, in order to celebrate an acknowledgment of the utmost importance.
This is how Symbiosis (a compilation of exclusive unreleased Zymogen tracks) was conceived.
It is a reunion of the artistic voices that have collaborated with us in the past, those that are collaborating with us now, and an invitation to those that might collaborate with us in future. It is yet another example of our dedication to providing creative excellence for more than a year and a half to date, and it is also an occasion for us to show that which constitutes our aesthetic values, as well as that which represents the probable direction of our evolution. It is what a project such as Zymogen cannot, and could not, ever ignore or take for granted.
Symbiosis is all this: the past, present, and future...but most importantly, it is the Zymogen sound. It is music that changes in the course of the twelve tracks constituting the album, in the same way that the twelve Zymogen releases, to date, are different and evolve with respect to each other. Despite this, there is always a fine red thread that binds and holds closely together the diverse and sometimes distant styles, all of which exude a distinct artistic personality.
The concept is always the same, but the language changes depending on whom it is expressed to.

Symbiosis represents all that Zymogen is, and all that Zymogen could be or might become.

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