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Relay: A dialogue between sound artists

21 Aug 2008

Jimmy Behan has been invited to be part of the Relay project.

"Commissioned by the Model Arts and Niland Gallery as part of model::offsite, Relay is an online music project curated by musician John Lambert (aka Chequerboard).
Lambert will invite a selection of irish and international sound artists and musicians to contribute to Relay over the duration of the project.
He will record an initial sound work and then relay this piece to the first contributor. Each work will be published online as it is completed, and this page will map the path of this dialogue of ideas between artists."

You can hear/read Jimmy's contribution here.
Loscil, TBA and others will follow.

Color for me

07 Aug 2008

Former Zymogen artist Marihiko Hara has contributed to a very interesting remix-project run by Sawako.

"Take the sounds from Sawako's Summer Tour field recordings, and make new material with them. That's all the artists were asked to do. The result is a collection that displays the range of artists and the range of approaches. Some use only the original source sounds. Some use them sparingly in the context of a new song. Some add new instrumentation to an otherwise field recording-heavy piece. The common thread is that we love them all."

Summer Tour Volume 2 is available for free download on Anticipate website.

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